Koot Adjustable Series

KOOT ADJUSTABLE  Series consists of a range of LED sources to deliver the desired light effect to façades, columns, bridges, monuments, and signs. The LEDs used come in 3 different tones of white, as well as blue, red, green, amber and RGB. Several lenses from 6 to 40 degrees are available.
All fixtures are designed to withstand ambient temperatures of at least 50˚C. The LEDs are mounted on metal core PCBs, which are mounted the aluminum body of the fixture so that the entire fixture acts as a heat sink. This unique design can be adjusted easily from the outside without the need to open it, using an Allen key.

Technical Data

Body Aluminum Alloy
Frame Stainless Steel 316L
Recessing tube Aluminum Alloy
Diffuser Tempered Glass
Light Emission Adjustable
Aiming Fixed
CRI >80
Color Temperature 3000K – 4000K (RGB available on request)
Gear Integrated LED driver | 220-240V | 50/60Hz
220-240 VAC Non-Dimmable Driver
Ambient Temp. -25°C ~ 50°C
Ambient Humidity 10% ~ 90%

The company has always ensured the highest quality standards while paying close attention to technological advancement and the idea of environmental sustainability.


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