QATAF Series

QATAF SERIES is a range of compact recessed marker lights, with an IP67 protection rating. The power supply is built into the structure, so they can be connected directly to the power line, making installation easier. The body is made of AISI 316 L steel with lateral light emission to indicate pathways and pedestrian zones. The luminaries are available with different light sectors for various on-site lighting situations. The light from the luminaries is directed immediately above ground level onto the surface to be illuminated, thus illuminating walkways and traffic areas or highlighting potential hazards such as stairs and steps.

Technical Data

Body Stainless Steel 316L
Frame Stainless Steel 316L
Recessing tube ABS
Diffuser Polycarbonate
Light Emission Mono, Dual, Quadro, Multi
Aiming Adjustable +5° ~ 15°
CRI >80
Color Temperature 3000K – 4000K (RGB available on request)
Gear Integrated LED driver | 220-240V | 50/60Hz
Ambient Temp. -25°C ~ 50°C
Ambient Humidity 10% ~ 90%
The company has always ensured the highest quality standards while paying close attention to technological advancement and the idea of environmental sustainability.


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