Dhow Solar Smart Pole

DHOW SOLAR SMART POLE  Features integrated solar tube technology to prevent dust accumulation, represents a cutting-edge fusion of renewable energy and advanced functionality. Designed to meet the demands of modern urban landscapes, this innovative pole integrates seamlessly into smart city infrastructure. Beyond its primary function of generating clean energy, it also incorporates additional features such as speaker and camera, enhancing its utility and versatility. With its ability to harness solar power efficiently while providing surveillance and audio capabilities, it represents a great shift towards more intelligent,
environmentally conscious infrastructure solutions.

Technical Data

Body Die Cast Aluminum
Finish RAL 9023 Pearl Dark Grey
Dimensions L525xW289xH132mm
Diffuser 5mm Thickness Safety Glass
Light distribution PMMA Secondary Light Distribution
Fixation 0-15° Horizontal/Vertical Pole
Beam Angle 120×50°, 150×65°, 150×60° , 140×30°, 148°
Lumen 7,200lm
Color Temperature 3000K-4000K-5000K-6000K
Gear Electronic Included
220-240 VAC Non-Dimmable Driver
1-10V or DALI available on request
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ 50°C
Humidity 10% ~ 90%

The company has always ensured the highest quality standards while paying close attention to technological advancement and the idea of environmental sustainability.


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